School Council – What a Year!

Niagara School Council has had a great year.  New faces, fresh ideas and teamwork helped us accomplish and meet our goals.  Here is a breakdown of our achievements…

Not only did we organize some fun events but we managed to raise a bit of money as well. Our Movie Nights helped raise funds to have new Niagara Olympian team shirts made while our bake sale proceeds went to the new playground.

The NOELS (Niagara Outdoor Experiential Learning Space) campaign was initiated to target local donors. We have currently raised $26,000 and work with the TDSB has resulted in a school website update to include easy online donation.  Our goal is to reach $750k as soon as possible. The sooner we raise the money, the sooner our kids get an awesome new playground.

Our branding workgroup designed a beautiful new school logo that will soon be printed on various school ‘swag’ e.g. school Ts, water bottles and tote bags to sell. The logo will also be used on school stationary, thank you cards, banners and possibly a school flag!  The Olympians team shirt was designed by combining elements from this school logo (to maintain consistency) with student concepts from last year’s Design-a-thon.

Then of course, there are our annual events: the Holiday Luncheon, and Pizza in the Playground on the last day of school.  Our various fundraisers allow us the opportunity to organize such celebrations which have become much loved traditions.

Fundraisers also allow us to contribute to and enhance our children’s education in several different ways.  A portion of the proceeds go to each classroom and is spent on supplies, books and learning tools, trips and guest speakers.  Some of it goes to programming such as Ballroom Dancing and the Design-a-thon, while some goes to help fund the Grade 6 Graduation celebrations.  As a group, the School Council decides how to fundraise and how to spend these funds.  The Council Year End Report 2016/17 will be made available for additional financial information shortly.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about this year’s Council activities and the Spring Fling.  Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey – let us know how we did and how you can help us do better next year.

NSJPS Council Survey 2016/17

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful Niagara parents who have kindly volunteered to support the school and their children.  Thank you for coming out to the Council meetings and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Another Success!


We could not have asked for better weather for our Spring Fling. It was the perfect backdrop for our annual fundraiser.  The schoolyard was lined with blue balloons and dotted with squealing children darting between bouncy castles, book tables, and the popcorn stand. The aroma of grilled burgers and dogs enticed a continuous line of hungry folks and the refreshing sides (Jason’s Bacon Jam was delish!) and bakesale goodies were well received accompaniments.  Speaking of accompaniments, Paul and his guitar provided his toe tapping tunes in the gym while Joe strummed his songs out in the yard.

The Spa volunteers were kept busy with face painting, henna, and temporary tattoos (the new signs were lovely!) while the games area was kept bustling thanks to the fresh new games and prizes (thanks Suzy!)

Congratulations to the Raffle prize winners and everyone with the final silent auction bids!  The big winners however, were the Daycare and the School – raising over $10,000!!  Whether you bought a coffee with your tickets, a special edition Niagara School tote bag, or a helium balloon, you helped our little fundraiser….and our little school community.  Whether you donated to a classroom Raffle basket or helped set up the tents in the morning, you helped us and we thank you.

IMG_5239Sincere appreciation and special acknowledgement goes to Thea, Suzy, Andrea, Christa, Mark, Julia, Susan, Monique, Linda and all of the wonderful volunteers who worked incredibly hard to make this event successful.