First School Council Meeting


Our first meeting of the year will be on Wednesday October 4th, 6-7pm in the library. Light refreshments will be available and childcare provided.

We will be voting in the new council team, so, if you would like to know more about these positions or if you are interested but are unable to attend the meeting, please see / fill out the membership form.  Council Membership Form

Everyone is welcome to volunteer for any of the positions.  Please also note that these positions are completely adaptable depending on number of volunteers, availability, and what we intend to accomplish.  The parents who show up will have a say in how the council is organized and will also help outline our objectives and goals.

Here is the meeting Agenda – Council Agenda Oct 4, 2017  You will hear about our financial plan for the upcoming year and Principal Marsh will share information regarding school business and upcoming events including an update on our new playground.

It should be a great meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!


After School Language Classes

On Thurs Sept 14, the International Languages Office will be at Niagara to take registrations starting at 3:30pm. They usually set up a table by the front entrance or upstairs by the office. Registration forms will be available and in order to complete the paperwork, please remember to bring your child’s OHIP and Ontario Enrolment Number (OEN found on progress reports and report cards – only for grade students).

This year we will have Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish classes offered on Thursdays after school, 3:30pm-6pm, at a cost of $20 for the year.  Classes begin on September 21st. Don’t worry if you can’t make the date to register. You can enroll online at any point during the school year.


Welcome Back from TDSB!

A message from TDSB……


September 5, 2017

What a day it has been! We were excited and eager to welcome back our 240,000 students into classrooms across the city today. The first day can be full of mixed emotions – jitters, excitement, even sadness that summer is over – but we hope that everyone had a great day.

To help get your year started on the right foot, we have put together a website full of great resources, including homework tips, school year calendar, contact information and more. You can access it at

You’ll also find a link about getting involved There are lots of ways to be involved in your child’s education whether it’s participating in field trips, reviewing homework, attending parent-teacher interviews, joining the school council or simply asking about their day.

We are committed to keeping in touch with you through email, regular webcasts, ward forums and through Twitter and Facebook.

School is an exciting time for students of all ages – even adults!

Here’s to an amazing year ahead!

John Malloy
Director of Education

Robin Pilkey
Chair of the Board

Just Days Away…..


The summer is now technically over and a new school year is just days away.  It certainly has crept up on us hasn’t it?  It’s so hard to let go of summer but when the word ‘bored’ is uttered half a dozen times a day it becomes less of a struggle.

We’ve been preparing by setting earlier bedtimes and replacing worn out runners. School staff have been gearing up for the big day too. Although class lists have not been disclosed, teachers have taken a lot of time and care to create optimal student combinations for their classes. Most classes are split grades this year and having a well thought out community of students is really important for learning. This classroom customization is one of the benefits of a small school.

So, enjoy these last days of summer. We’ll see you bright and early on Tuesday morning – bell rings at 8:55am.  Staff will be set up in the school yard (or in the main foyer if it rains) to answer questions and to help you check the class lists.  Be prepared for a slightly chaotic atmosphere!  Teachers will then gather their students and head to their classrooms in time for morning announcements.