Have a Sun-sational Summer!

The kids had a busy day cleaning out desks, collecting personal items and saying their good-byes to teachers and friends. The Talent Show in the morning and the pizza lunch in the afternoon diverted attention from the ticking hands of the clock. Another school year over!

Congratulations to our Grade 6 Grads!  We wish them all the best as they move on to new schools in September. For those continuing at Niagara, you may be wondering about which class your child will be in next year and who their teacher will be.  This information will not be available until the week before school starts.  We’ll provide information as we get it but feel free to contact the school at this time.

There will still be a lot going on at Niagara over the summer months. Keep an eye out for top deck playground construction and a renovation of the north side garden by Adelaide St.  The School received a very generous donation of armourstone from Rock Valley Natural Stone and we will be incorporating it into a nature path for the children. An invitation post will go out shortly asking for volunteers to help with this.

If you know of any interesting neighbourhood events, or have information to share with the school community please let us know by providing a comment.

Niagara School Council wishes everyone a happy and safe summer vacation!


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